two bars three stars: scoutmob debuts local music podcasts

12 Jan

I’ve always been a big fan of Scoutmob, the locally-focused website that offers deals for local restaurants, shops, music venues, and other services with no cost up front. Ever since Scoutmob helped me get me two favorite DC cheap eats (Amsterdam Falafel and Julia’s Empanadas) for free.99 last summer, I’ve been hooked.

My enthusiasm for Scoutmob increased ten-fold yesterday when they debuted a local music podcast where two DC-area creatives/music enthusiasts highlighted their favorite tracks that showcase the unique flavor of DC music from all angles—from Tuscadero to Wale to Moombahton.

Hosts Marcus Dowling and Tina Seamonster provided a perfect balance of DC music knowledge. Tina mentioned she saw Fugazi on her wedding day. So awesome. #Girlcrush. But when she didn’t know much about Wale, Marcus stepped in and provided Wale 101, as well as discussed DC’s role as the birthplace of the musical nightlife craze that is Moombahton.

The show delved into diverse aspects of the DC music scene, both past and present—the Tuscadero song “Mount Pleasant” recounts a time in the 1990s when that lovely hilly neighborhood was actually “All liquor and lace/ Drunk guys in your face/ Broken 40s in the street/ Losing lottery tickets at your feet”  instead of “All plaid and no mace/ Non-profit guys in your face/ Broken craft beer bottles in the street/ This is gentrification, this isn’t South East” (lyrics updated for 2012 by moi. ::Takes a bow::). But the hosts balance the history listen with the fresh stuff, such as the Moombahton track.

I have only two requests for the next podcast: First, make it longer. Second, can you guys please teach me about go-go?


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