on my boombox: a bad day for the internet, a great day for music

19 Jan

The internet is virtual battleground right now, full of landmines in the form of blackouts and petitions. In the spirit of uniting against those four-letter acronyms of SOPA and PIPA, enjoy these four internet musical discoveries rocking my world today. Four discoveries that likely wouldn’t happen under the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislations. Today, listening and watching gems like these take on a whole new meaning, because the risks of losing them are real and serious. So, enjoy the video, enjoy the tracks, and then go sign a petition.

Soap box over, on to the tunes.

1. Santigold, “Big Mouth”

Hot DAYUM. Santigold justifies my obsession with her over and over again. She consistently proves that she is two steps ahead of everyone in terms of sound, style, and straight up swag. Today, she debuted a video for “Big Mouth,” the first single from her (frustratingly) unreleased album, Master of My Make Believe. I haven’t felt so inspired by a music video since September 2006, when I discovered M.I.A.’s “Galang” video and fell in love with neon leggings at first sight. I feel the exact same way today, except that now I just want to take crayons and draw all over everything I own.


2. “I Got You,” Jodie Marie (Shook Remix)

My friends over at The Chicken Donut have superb taste, and I often discover new music from their site before anywhere else. My latest TCD jam is this cat Shook, whose sound is right up my alley: play that funky music, mix and remix it with some robot beats, and come up with some sexy noise hand-crafted for boogeying. Shook it real good.


3. Craig Finn, Clear Heart Full Eyes

I’ve recently become a Hold Steady fan, albeit a lukewarm one—I adore Craig Finn’s ability to tell a coherent story in his lyrics, but their sound has always been a little too Midwestern nice for my East Coast ears. But Craig Finn’s new solo effort, streaming in its entirety on NPR First Listen, takes the best elements of Hold Steady and makes it a little edgier, little moodier, and a lot more mature. The native New Yorker in me is pleased.

4. “The Evolution of Music Online”

Obviously this video isn’t a piece of music (though the soundtrack includes a bevy of top-notch selections), but it provides a great perspective on the past, current, and future state of music creation, consumption, and taste arbitration, and how that future changes drastically (and perpetually) in the digital age. With an all-star cast of internet music trendsetters and game changers, such as the founder of Hype Machine, a senior editor at Pitchfork, the co-founder of FADER, and the VP of Creative Development at Vimeo, the video gives an optimistic but unbiased take on how today’s radically different musical environment spurs innovation, creativity, and accessibility like never before. Brush your shoulders off, Youtube stars and music bloggers, this one’s for you.


One Response to “on my boombox: a bad day for the internet, a great day for music”

  1. djdeprey January 19, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Hold Steady not edgy enough for you? have you listened to Separation Sunday? You haven’t lulled yourself into zapped out submission 4 1/2 minutes into Killer Parties? You haven’t been inspired by this video enough to go restart the scene with your friends charlemagne, nina simone, and circuit city?

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