on my boombox: weekend roll out, 1.20.12

20 Jan

Alright alright alright. Another weekend looms near, and I have a lot to be stoked about today. I’m finally attending a Gold Leaf Studios party tonight. The P.Bombs (real) last show will go down at Big Bear Cafe tomorrow. I’ll return to Black Cat to see Real Estate on Sunday. Oh, not to mention that I now have tickets to BOTH M83 shows at 930 Club in May. SNIPE.

So, how about some feel good tunes, shall we? This oldie from up-and-comer Starslinger (not to be confused with the already-come-up Starfucker) always puts me in a mellow, head-bopping mood, which isn’t even necessary today because nothing can kill my buzz right now. Not even the fact that I recently realized that Sleigh Bells and Zola Jesus perform in DC on the same night, and I have tickets to both. Whatever, I’ll make it happen; Uhall and 930 Club are within easy sprinting distance from one another. ROOOLLLL OUT. 

Sister Wife (Starslinger remix), Alex Winston




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