weekend roll out/on deck: big gigantic at the 930 club

17 Feb

Back in September 2011, I received the birthday gift of a lifetime: Bassnectar DJ’d my birthday party. Lorin and I have a great Twitter relationship, and the fact that his show at DC Armory coincided with my birthday weekend simply couldn’t be pure accident.

But anyway, those of you (all 10,000 of you) who were at that show may also have had the pleasure of seeing Big Gigantic, a then up-and-coming (now already come-up) DJ/live band set up lead by saxophonist Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salkin. I, however, did not—unbeknownst to us, the group had an obscenely early start time.

But tonight, we remedy our past errors as Big G blows the lid off of the 930 Club. As sad as I was to miss these guys at Armory (and their sets at some festivals I’ve attended over the years), I amped that my first experience with them will be at a small venue. The 930 Club is just big enough to handle the extreme energy and big sound of the group, but small enough to compact it into one explosive package of a show.

Rollll out.

Big Gigantic, “Sky High” + download their latest album Nocturnal for free.99 on their website.


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