two bars three stars: cuff at napoleon

1 Mar

I have previously expressed my affinity for DC’s smorgasbord of monthly dance parties because hey, I’m a creature of habit.

But while All Things Gold, Fatback, and Che Sera remain my nightlife utopias, a new event has caught my eye in a big way. This new fiesta, going down for the second time ever tomorrow night, has a very real chance of shotgunning to the top of the highly exclusive “Steph’s Monthly Party Schedule” list (admissions are always rolling).

So, what is this new event, and why am I so convinced it will be Well, it’s called Cuff, and it’s happening at Napoleon- there’s reason  #1. Napoleon is one of my favorite bars in DC, and it’s the perfect place for a weeknight dance party. Stylish decor, pretty people, pretty bartenders, champagne  and St. Germaine abound, crucial soundsystem, what more could I want? Plus, during the week you can usually get your groove on a little more freely than during the packed weekend nights.

Now, onto the lineup: we got Sanitize, Starks & Nacey (2/3 of Nouveau Riche), and Lightwaves. Oh hey DC DJ Dream Team, what up.

Especially regarding Sanitize, Starks, and Nacey, Cuff’s organizers couldn’t have picked a group of DJs more near and dear to my heart. I have seen each of those guys spin more times than I can count, but I always come back for more because they never let me down. In fact, when I wrote my first local music feature for Scoutmob DC, I turned to these guys to help me compile a playlist of tracks hand-selected by my favorite DC DJs. That’s how I highly I value their beat-selecting abilities.

Lightwaves is also a frequent fixture at my DC nightlife destinations , notably when he’s filling Bourbon to the brim or manning the turntables during All Things Gold at UHall. If a DJ can set himself apart in stacked lineups that have included The Knocks, St. Lucia, and US Royalty, he’s doing something right. Plus, Lightwaves’ more vocal-heavy tracks will be a perfect way to round out the evening, and they will keep the crowd on its toes all night.

As if you needed further convincing, sample tracks for your listening pleasure. If these tracks and $4 rails until 11 p.m. can’t get you to Napoleon on a Thursday night, I question your judgment.

Lightwaves, “Spirit Gun”

Sanitize, Germ Free Mix Vol. 4

Starks and Nacey, “Neva Get Caught”


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