weekend roll out: wonderland mafia

16 Mar

So this is a big week for me. Today is my last day at my current job, which is the same firm I’ve been with since my college internship. I start at the new place, which is somewhat of a dream office, on Monday. MEEP! <— Excited noise.

Somehow this transition time led me to think back on my first weeks on the job as a college grad, back in August 2010. Which is right about the time when this video came into my life (yes, I remember this precisely. Yes, my memory is scarily accurate).

This video instantly mesmerized me, as I am a lifelong Lewis Carroll fanatic. As a child, this meant watching Alice in Wonderland repeatedly. As a college student, it meant spending the better part of a semester writing a 30-page paper about the role of absurdity in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. (I also wrote my thesis about late 80s/early 90s hip-hop’s relationship with racial identity. Dedicating a chapter of your thesis to the Wu-Tang Clan is the epitome of English major perks, if you ask me).

So, for your weekend roll out, a video that I once watched incessantly and reptitively for several months in 2010. Man, where did people display all of their hidden talents (such as perfectly matching movie clips to rap song lyrics) before YouTube? Dark days.

Roll out, friends!


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