on my boombox: reptar, “body faucet”

18 Apr

My knowledge of Reptar can be attributed almost exclusively to All Things Go and their first monthly extravaganzas at U Street Music Hall. (Which, coincidentally, the 13th iteration of said monthly extravaganza is going down tomorrow night). I was there to see Penguin Prison and RAC, but when I first arrived, I was blown away at the energy brought by the first act- not to mention the Rugrats reference in their name. When I researched Reptar a bit further after the show, I was shocked to discover that this band that had everyone singing along had not, in fact, released a full album.

That will all change with the release of their debut LP, Body Faucet. If the singles are any indication, boy do we have a winner on our hands- these dudes are on fire. I can’t stop listening to it, particularly to the single “Orifice Origami.” But everything I’ve listened to has been strong, and I can’t emphasize the sheer level of fun that these guys bring to their music. They’re one of the few bands who I can listen to at work, and suddenly forget where I am completely as I bop along to the beat and am suddenly transported to a righteous house party in my head. The Reptar world is one of carefree simplicity and joy, and I love that they in no way take themselves to seriously in that regard.

Case in point, “Orifice Origami.” Have a blast.


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