weekend roll out: demons (diplo remix)

25 May

Weekend roll outs before three-day weekends are always especially joyous. I hope you all are as thrilled as I am to kick off summer (and, soon, summer outdoor concert season woop!)

Anyway, I’ve been reading/watching way too much internet stuff about Electric Daisy Carnival that went down at Metlife Stadium in NY last weekend, partially seething with envy and partially geeking out over the beats that were dropped at that festival. Many of the DJs really whipped out the big guns for that fest, and it shows.

One stellar performance that I’ve read about and listened to is none other than Diplo. And, double awesome, he remixed perennial RWR favorite, Sleigh Bells. Back in my pre-blog days I hyped Diplo’s remix of Sleigh Bells’ “Tell Em” via my gchat status and Facebook, but now I have a slightly bigger microphone through which to shout about this remix of “Demons” from his Electric Daisy performance. Check out both for your weekend roll out pleasure.

Roll ouuut (three days this time).


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