weekend roll out: radiohead, “reckoner” (the twelves remix)

1 Jun

Haaaappy show weekend! A big show weekend, too: I’ve got Big Freedia’s rescheduled appearance (finally) at Rock n Roll Hotel on Saturday, along with a show I’ve been chasing for many, many years. A show that takes a big chunk off of my concert bucket list. A show after which I might never be the same. Yes: Radiohead.

I could write a novel about my relationship with Radiohead, ever since I first heard them discussed on VH1’s “I Love the 90s” and immediately downloaded “Creep” on my brand new, computer-destroying Limewire account back in middle school. From that point on, I was fascinated by their music even though I couldn’t understand it, and today, I am fascinated by their music because I can’t understand it. Call me the ultimate cliche, but I pretty much just assume anything Thom Yorke does is brilliant and never question its worth. But while I always accept its brilliance, I do reach my limits in terms of actually enjoying the music when we get past a certain point of obscurity. This is a necessary mindset for Radiohead appreciation, in my mind.

This was best articulated by Chuck Klosterman, one of my favorite pop culture critics, in an interview with the entire band. I can’t find the exact quote, but it was something like, “It’s interesting interviewing a band when you know that every single member is smarter than you. That goes double for Thom Yorke.”

To mark this momentous weekend in which I will finally see Radiohead perform live, I am obviously showcasing them in my weekend roll out. I’m not often a huge fan of Radiohead remixes; the songs are so complex on their own, why add anything else? However, I really like that The Twelves took “Reckoner,” an excellent and relatively more accessible track from In Rainbows, and made it completely danceable.

[Radiohead weekend] rolllll out.



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