weekend roll out: childish gambino, “silk pillow”

8 Jun

Happy happy Friday, friends. No shows on deck this weekend, though I will get to enjoy local art through various other media at Blended tonight. One of my coworkers is involved in the planning, but I’d be going regardless. Here’s a description from Thrillist:

“This Friday, party in a soon-to-be-demolished U Street corridor warehouse that’s been tagged by over 60 DC artists. Whilst rubbing ‘bows with said artists, you’ll enjoy tunes from six local DJs, chow down on food from trucks like El Floridano & Pleasant Pops, and see Urban Artistry performing a little bit of “urban dance culture.”

Street art? Warehouses? DJs? Food trucks? Break dancing? How soon can I get there?

But I digress. As for your weekend roll out tune, let’s turn our attention to Childish Gambino, aka Donal Glover. I’m feeling a little Bonnaroo nostalgic this weekend (for obvious reasons), and when I heard this track I immediately thought back to when I saw Childish perform in Tennessee last summer. When he performed, I was at the height of my “oh my gosh this place is too big and too crowded and too overwhelming and I’ve had too many beers to possibly navigate this situation intelligently” feeling. Yet even from a million rows back, Childish cut through my anxiety and blew me away. He helped me start Bonnaroo off the right way, by learning how to forget feeling crowded and hot and overwhelmed or care about how far back you were, and just get in it. Cheers to him for that.

I’ve been super stoked to see him collaborating with the likes of Beck and Sleigh Bells recently, and I think it’s a great direction for him. A musician with Gambino’s sense of innovation and boundary-stepping truly flourishes when he experiments across genres and mixes it up with the best of the best.

This track also showcases my favorite style of Beck- the chill-strange stream of consciousness rapping from his Mellow Gold days. That plus Gambino’s control of the beat leave us with a track that is fresh to death, and personally leaves me wanting a hell of a lot more.

Roll out.

Childish Gambino featuring Beck, “Silk Pillow”


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