on deck: el-p, killer mike, and mr. muthafuckin exquire at rock n roll hotel

27 Jun

As much as I love both live music and rap, I’m more hesitant to buy tickets to rap shows than other genres. For one, they run notoriously late and are often unstructured and disorganized. But, more importantly, not all rappers make their name on live performances- the strength of their latest mixtape is more important.

Therefore, it’s especially telling that I would purchase $30 ticket to a rap show on a Sunday night. I’m willing to risk a truly miserable Monday morning for this one:  El-P, Killer Mike, and Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire at Rock n Roll Hotel on July 15.

For long time rap fans, you might think of El-P first and foremost as a producer, second as a label owner, and only third as a performer. However, with his most recent solo release Cancer 4 Cure being hailed as one of the year’s best hip-hop albums, that characterization may change.

It’s tough to describe El-P’s crazy, convoluted, futuristic-robot-meets-Brooklyn-rap-wiz-kid aesthetic without sounding crazy yourself. But rest assured, El-P perfects this aesthetic on Crazy 4 Cure. It’s half aggression, half chest-thumping beats. Beats so dirty that El-P once again proves why dubstep DJs should all credit him as early inspiration. El-P is all at once verbally assaulting his listeners, while cutting loose on tracks that could serve as “futuristic workout anthems for robot soldiers.” (Well-said, Pitchfork).

Equally as exciting, El-P will be performing with two of his most talented cohorts: Killer Mike and Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire. Killer Mike’s latest album, the El-P-produced R.A.P. Music, might even surpass Cancer 4 Cure in my list of “best rap albums of 2012.” Mike is lyrically dexterous with a strong, forceful voice- which is necessary to back up the heavy political themes he tackles on certain tracks, such as “Reagan.”

Check out the tracks below. Buy a ticket. And maybe take it easy that Saturday night.

El-P, “Drones Over Brooklyn”

Killer Mike featuring El-P, “Butane”

Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, “Huzzah”


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