weekend roll out: madeon, “minimix”

29 Jun

Well, it’s been a good week. Healthcare reform ruled constitutional by SCOTUS. I experienced my very first site launch at work (yes, I got to stare at that beautiful design for a very long time back in March). And most importantly, Madeon released a new track.

I became a fan of this French 16-year-old electro prodigy sometime in 2010, when I first heard his excellent remix of Yelle’s “Que Veaux Tu.” He has, as expected, gained steadily in well-deserved popularity since then. This kid packs more ingenuity into each track than many DJs can show in an entire mixtape, and his music is so incredibly accessible- for all people and places. He puts out tracks that are equally as enjoyable from headphones in the office as they are at a club. No matter what the environment, it still sounds great.

I was lucky enough to see the youngin’ spin at UHall back in May (I hope some of you remember that incredibly sweaty night when Uhall must have reached 110 degrees), and his live show more than lives up to his recordings.

This week, Madeon proves once again that we won’t stop hearing his name for quite a long time. With “Minimix,” Madeon takes his mixing style to a whole new level by sampling ~100 songs in a single 5-minute track. Are your forreal, Madeon?!

Rolllll out.

Madeon, “Minimix”


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