on deck: alex winston at gibson guitar show room

25 Jul

One great thing about being a fan of electro music is that, on occasion, a hot remix will open your eyes to not one but two new artists: both the DJ who remixed the track and the artist responsible for the original work. For instance, I would likely not know Ellie Goulding if not for Bassnectar, or Yelle if not for Madeon. The excitement of discovering two new artists in one track is the ultimate audiophile satisfaction- two birds, one stone, ya know?

Such is the case with indie pop princess Alex Winston. I fell in love with her single “Sister Wife” via the remix by Star Slinger back in 2010, and it’s been a permanent fixture on my playlists ever since. I waited patiently for her debut album King Con, and upon finally getting my hands on it in 2012, I was not disappointed.

Winston’s formula is not overly complicated. Her songs, for the most part, are straight-up pop gems; but, she has this quirk, sing-songy voice that fits perfectly against the bubblegum tunes and keeps her sound fresh. She also somehow manages to infuse a lot of personality and brightness into all of her music, without coming off as forced or obnoxious. The fact that she’s a multi-talented instrumentalist (she played all guitar, piano, and drums on her debut EP) doesn’t hurt either.

I was sad to miss Alex’ first DC performance at an All Things Gold event in April (I was in Berlin or something, I don’t know), so I’m stoked that I have a second chance this week at this Thursday’s New Noise Event at the Gibson Guitar Showroom. Be there or be square.

“Velvet Elvis”

“Sister Wife” (Star Slinger remix)


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