weekend roll out: generationals, “lucky numbers”

31 Aug

It’s been awhile since I wrote a weekend roll out post, but clearly I couldn’t miss one today- not when we’re rolling out a three-day weekend AND the last official weekend of summer. I have mixed emotions about the season ending, but I do know I had my first pumpkin beer of the year today and it was deeeelicious. When it comes to beer, I welcome you with open arms, autumn!

Like my beer choices, I think the music in my rotation naturally transitions a bit from season to season as well. To be clear, summer music does NOT involve throwing out all music snobbery and tailgating for Dave Matthews and country shows- at least not for me. Instead, summer beach vacations might drive me to pull out some reggae classics and dance hall jams, and prime festival season inevitably leads to Phish and Widespread Panic live sets on heavy rotation.

Thus, as I perused the internets this evening with thoughts of Labor Day in my head, I stumbled upon this gem of a track that, for whatever reason, feels like that absolutely perfect summer-to-fall transition jam. You could play it at your outdoor BBQs this weekend, but I doubt you’ll be tired of it come Columbus Day. Something about fall and up-tempo indie pop go hand-in-hand; I could totally see myself bopping along to this during a glorious fall run in Rock Creek when the trees are on fire with color.

While my music might change seasonally, you better believe I’ll still wear white after this weekend. #fightthepower

Rollll out.

Generationals, “Lucky Numbers”


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