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weekend roll out: generationals, “lucky numbers”

31 Aug

It’s been awhile since I wrote a weekend roll out post, but clearly I couldn’t miss one today- not when we’re rolling out a three-day weekend AND the last official weekend of summer. I have mixed emotions about the season ending, but I do know I had my first pumpkin beer of the year today and it was deeeelicious. When it comes to beer, I welcome you with open arms, autumn!

Like my beer choices, I think the music in my rotation naturally transitions a bit from season to season as well. To be clear, summer music does NOT involve throwing out all music snobbery and tailgating for Dave Matthews and country shows- at least not for me. Instead, summer beach vacations might drive me to pull out some reggae classics and dance hall jams, and prime festival season inevitably leads to Phish and Widespread Panic live sets on heavy rotation.

Thus, as I perused the internets this evening with thoughts of Labor Day in my head, I stumbled upon this gem of a track that, for whatever reason, feels like that absolutely perfect summer-to-fall transition jam. You could play it at your outdoor BBQs this weekend, but I doubt you’ll be tired of it come Columbus Day. Something about fall and up-tempo indie pop go hand-in-hand; I could totally see myself bopping along to this during a glorious fall run in Rock Creek when the trees are on fire with color.

While my music might change seasonally, you better believe I’ll still wear white after this weekend. #fightthepower

Rollll out.

Generationals, “Lucky Numbers”


weekend roll out: madeon, “minimix”

29 Jun

Well, it’s been a good week. Healthcare reform ruled constitutional by SCOTUS. I experienced my very first site launch at work (yes, I got to stare at that beautiful design for a very long time back in March). And most importantly, Madeon released a new track.

I became a fan of this French 16-year-old electro prodigy sometime in 2010, when I first heard his excellent remix of Yelle’s “Que Veaux Tu.” He has, as expected, gained steadily in well-deserved popularity since then. This kid packs more ingenuity into each track than many DJs can show in an entire mixtape, and his music is so incredibly accessible- for all people and places. He puts out tracks that are equally as enjoyable from headphones in the office as they are at a club. No matter what the environment, it still sounds great.

I was lucky enough to see the youngin’ spin at UHall back in May (I hope some of you remember that incredibly sweaty night when Uhall must have reached 110 degrees), and his live show more than lives up to his recordings.

This week, Madeon proves once again that we won’t stop hearing his name for quite a long time. With “Minimix,” Madeon takes his mixing style to a whole new level by sampling ~100 songs in a single 5-minute track. Are your forreal, Madeon?!

Rolllll out.

Madeon, “Minimix”

weekend roll out: architecture in helsinki at black cat, anniversary edition

15 Jun

Exactly one year ago today, I paid a little too much money to see a band I didn’t care about that much: a ~$35 Stub Hub ticket to the sold out Architecture in Helsinki show at the Black Cat.

For reasons other than the quality of Architecture in Helsinki’s performance, it was $35 very well spent. Sometimes, factors other than the music lead to you considering a particular show a highlight of your week, month, year, or even life. It might be that you discovered a new venue, made new friends, celebrated a big accomplishment, or just busted out new dance moves- whatever. That’s the magic of live music, isn’t it? It’s never just about the music.

Don’t get me wrong, Architecture in Helsinki put on a great show (if I remember correctly, there was a whole smorgasbord of artists and instruments and accordions on stage), but on that night is was all about the company.

Roll out to a beautiful weekend, friends.

Architecture in Helsinki, “Contact High”

Architecture in Helsinki, “Heart it Races”

weekend roll out: childish gambino, “silk pillow”

8 Jun

Happy happy Friday, friends. No shows on deck this weekend, though I will get to enjoy local art through various other media at Blended tonight. One of my coworkers is involved in the planning, but I’d be going regardless. Here’s a description from Thrillist:

“This Friday, party in a soon-to-be-demolished U Street corridor warehouse that’s been tagged by over 60 DC artists. Whilst rubbing ‘bows with said artists, you’ll enjoy tunes from six local DJs, chow down on food from trucks like El Floridano & Pleasant Pops, and see Urban Artistry performing a little bit of “urban dance culture.”

Street art? Warehouses? DJs? Food trucks? Break dancing? How soon can I get there?

But I digress. As for your weekend roll out tune, let’s turn our attention to Childish Gambino, aka Donal Glover. I’m feeling a little Bonnaroo nostalgic this weekend (for obvious reasons), and when I heard this track I immediately thought back to when I saw Childish perform in Tennessee last summer. When he performed, I was at the height of my “oh my gosh this place is too big and too crowded and too overwhelming and I’ve had too many beers to possibly navigate this situation intelligently” feeling. Yet even from a million rows back, Childish cut through my anxiety and blew me away. He helped me start Bonnaroo off the right way, by learning how to forget feeling crowded and hot and overwhelmed or care about how far back you were, and just get in it. Cheers to him for that.

I’ve been super stoked to see him collaborating with the likes of Beck and Sleigh Bells recently, and I think it’s a great direction for him. A musician with Gambino’s sense of innovation and boundary-stepping truly flourishes when he experiments across genres and mixes it up with the best of the best.

This track also showcases my favorite style of Beck- the chill-strange stream of consciousness rapping from his Mellow Gold days. That plus Gambino’s control of the beat leave us with a track that is fresh to death, and personally leaves me wanting a hell of a lot more.

Roll out.

Childish Gambino featuring Beck, “Silk Pillow”

weekend roll out: radiohead, “reckoner” (the twelves remix)

1 Jun

Haaaappy show weekend! A big show weekend, too: I’ve got Big Freedia’s rescheduled appearance (finally) at Rock n Roll Hotel on Saturday, along with a show I’ve been chasing for many, many years. A show that takes a big chunk off of my concert bucket list. A show after which I might never be the same. Yes: Radiohead.

I could write a novel about my relationship with Radiohead, ever since I first heard them discussed on VH1’s “I Love the 90s” and immediately downloaded “Creep” on my brand new, computer-destroying Limewire account back in middle school. From that point on, I was fascinated by their music even though I couldn’t understand it, and today, I am fascinated by their music because I can’t understand it. Call me the ultimate cliche, but I pretty much just assume anything Thom Yorke does is brilliant and never question its worth. But while I always accept its brilliance, I do reach my limits in terms of actually enjoying the music when we get past a certain point of obscurity. This is a necessary mindset for Radiohead appreciation, in my mind.

This was best articulated by Chuck Klosterman, one of my favorite pop culture critics, in an interview with the entire band. I can’t find the exact quote, but it was something like, “It’s interesting interviewing a band when you know that every single member is smarter than you. That goes double for Thom Yorke.”

To mark this momentous weekend in which I will finally see Radiohead perform live, I am obviously showcasing them in my weekend roll out. I’m not often a huge fan of Radiohead remixes; the songs are so complex on their own, why add anything else? However, I really like that The Twelves took “Reckoner,” an excellent and relatively more accessible track from In Rainbows, and made it completely danceable.

[Radiohead weekend] rolllll out.


weekend roll out: frank ocean, whip appeal (SBTRKT remix)

13 Apr

Happy weekend, yall. I’m sad to report there’s a little less bounce in my step this morning. See, normally by Friday morning my weekend show schedule is pretty; not today. See, I normally never let the jam masters known as Lotus come into town without seeing one or all of their shows. However, I bojangled on buying tickets and now the Saturday show at the 930 club is sold out. What to do, what to do.

However, my Friday buzz was mostly recovered when I found this track. Love Frank Ocean (of Odd Future fame). Love SBTRKT (yet another 930 club regret- but hopefully catching him on the festy circuit this summer). Love SBTRKT remixing Frank Ocean even more. Gold on gold = gold.

Roll out-

Frank Ocean, “Whip Appeal” (SBTRKT remix)

weekend roll out: andre nickatina, “conversation with a devil”

6 Apr

I openly admit that 90% of my musical knowledge is not due to my own research, but gleaned from culturally aware friends. If I hadn’t been lucky enough (/smart enough) to surround myself with supremely cool (/nerdy) audiophile friends from a young age, I’d be nowhere.

However, if there’s one genre where I’ve learned more from the internet than my friends, it’s rap. In that regard, Datpiff is my best friend. I’ve had a few key contributors to my rap collection over the years, but more often I’m the person pushing rap among my friends, not vice versa.

Luckily, that’s changed a bit recently, as I’ve made friends with a kid who fills some big white space in my rap/hip-hop knowledge: west coast rap. If my overall rap knowledge is average, my west coast awareness is barely mediocre. This kid, however, knows what’s up. Actually, that’s a huge understatement; he pretty much knows everything about rap, but he also has excellent taste. I know that the stuff he hypes will always be strong.

Enter Andre Nickatina, a rapper from said friend’s neck of the woods: northern Cali, specifically the Bay Area. Little did I know that not only has Andre been performing under the name Dre Dog for nearly two decades (he debuted with The New Jim Jones in 1993), but he is also considered a local legend in San Fran. His catalog is crazy extensive and rife with solid gold gangsta rap- straightforward rhyming with some funkified beats where necessary. I’m posting the song that I can’t get out of my head above all others, but there is so, so much good stuff where this came from.

My name is Nicki, but you can call me Dre- what up? Roll out.

Andre Nickatina, “Conversation with a Devil”