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weekend roll out: grouplove, “tongue tied” (gigamesh remix)

2 Mar

So there I was at Napoleon last night, getting Sanitized and having a blast, when a friend turned to me and shouted, “What’s the weekend roll out for tomorrow?”

Whoops. I hadn’t even thought about it. But instead of breaking into a cold sweat and running home to poke around Soundcloud, I decided to canvass the crowd. And why wouldn’t I? My friends have far better taste in music than I do, so I mostly let them do the work for me.

I turned to my Bonnaroo buddy, Jim, and asked for a rec. After a few¬†incomprehensible shouting exchanges, I discerned: “Grouplove! Tongue Tied! Gigamesh!”

Oh what? I was definitely intrigued- I’m a big fan of Grouplove,¬†and I haven’t met many Gigamesh remixes I didn’t like. Sure enough, upon listening this morning, Jim’s recommendation was spot on. Thanks Jim.

Rolllll out.

Grouplove, “Tongue Tied” (Gigamesh Remix)