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weekend roll out (remixed)

10 Feb

It is pretty rare that I feel smarter (instead of foggier) on the Friday morning after an All Things Gold live showcase at U Street Music Hall, but the reason is simple: unfortunately, two tickets went down the drain last night, because not even Uhall’s sound system would’ve sounded crisp to my clogged-up head. Trying not to listen to Ghost Beach and Summer Camp today due to FOMO, realized.

But, I didn’t miss the un-missable Listen Local First panel, where I fed my music nerdiness in a big way with yet another crash course in DC music history courtesy of the DC Hip-Hop History Project. Be on the lookout for the podcast and write-up posted on LLF’s blog next week.

On to the topic at hand, though: weekend roll out. I’ve had both of these tracks in mind all week. The originals are two of my favorite songs of the last ~4 months, no doubt: M83’s anthemic “Midnight City,” from their smashing 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and Gotye’s absurdly catchy “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Some tracks lend themselves perfectly to remixing, but sometimes, the best-of-the-best tracks stubbornly resist it- try as the DJs might, especially with Gotye’s song. It’s been remixed to death, but 99% of them don’t begin to do the original justice. And of course, only the Knocks could deliver a sold M83 cover, because they are pros in their own right. To date, these are the only remixes/covers of these tracks that are RWR approved. I’m not opposed to finding more, but right now, this is it.

Originals and remixes, for side-by-side comparison:

M83, “Midnight City”

The Knocks featuring Mandy Lee, “Midnight City (M83 Cover)”

Gotye featuring Kimbra, “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Eavesdrop Drum and Bass Remix, “Somebody That I Used to Know” (speeding up the video to coincide with the doubletime DnB beats? Genius. I wish my body would paint itself in time with beats, that would be ill).