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on deck: orchard lounge at u street music hall, 1.11.12

10 Jan

Many friends have heard me lament the life-long affliction I dub “fear of missing out” (FOMO). FOMO often goes undiagnosed for years; sufferers may be unfairly judged as party animals, when really the only reason they go out all the time is pure, unadulterated fear. Fear that all of your friends are having a blast somewhere,  sharing fantastic experiences that will forge a lifelong bond full of “remember when…” stories that YOU will not remember. All because you decided to stay in and do laundry.

As a lifelong victim of FOMO, I am pretty much the easiest person in the world to convince to go to a show. So, true to form, let’s kick off the weekend a day earlier than planned, shall we? Because Orchard Lounge is playing at U Street Music Hall tomorrow night, and even the slight chance to see the DC crowd twirling some LED hula hoops is worth the $5 ticket price.

This DJ trio has made waves on the electro-jam festy circuit for years, and they are Camp Bisco favorites. “Space disco” might be the best way to describe their sound, and it definitely has a downtempo, futuristic house feel. I’ve heard them described as “cocaine cool”–because if my life were a movie, Orchard Lounge would be on the soundtrack during the scenes when I am dating a European investment banker and partying on a boat that feels a little too slick and a little too 80s Miami Vice, ya know?

But Orchard Lounge also ascribes to the motto “From the Dancefloor, to Your Couch,” and their sound lives up to that sentiment; the trio weaves in enough laidback, mellow grooves to make it chill enough for daytime playlists.  

Listen to “Living Room Sessions Volume 2” below. Only 2/3 of the trio are spinning on this, but it’ll get you started.


two bars three stars: fatback; or, what if the best night of your life happened every month?

10 Jan

In the world of DC nightlife, I am a firm believer in the institution of the monthly dance party. I don’t know if we’re just a city of over-scheduled Type As who love recurring Outlook invites or what, but many of my favorite nights in the District have taken place at monthly parties that have a cult following and a longstanding tradition.

As for my favorite monthly fiesta, it’s really a toss-up between All Things Gold at U Street Music Hall (for those who love electro and hate their ability to hear); Che Sera at Napoleon (bass-heavy remixes of 1960s-70s surf music? Free flowers to put in my hair? Sign me up!); or the legendary Fatback at Bohemian Caverns, where the disco child in all of us is transported back to an era when Motown, soul, and straight-up funk kept the kids’ feet moving.

Fatback had intrigued me for ages, and I finally, finally got myself there in December 2011. Needless to say, every hope, dream, aspiration, and fantasy for the night came true (and then some).

There were disco balls. And glitter.  And seamlessly mixed Motown songs I used to (err…maybe still) sing with my mom while listening to oldies radio. There were Santa hats and red-and-white-striped onesies (possibly because DC Santarchy took place that day). Everyone in the crowd seemed equally entranced by the crew of DJs slinging old school dance favorites, and we were all myopically focused on the mission at hand: to dance, dance, like it’s the last, last, night of your life, life, Fatback DJs gon’ get you right…sorry, I digress.

Fatback was a utopian disco world where normal party problems don’t exist because everyone was just so happy to be there and be alive. Case in point: looking back, the bathroom line was atrociously long. But, you know what, I made some of my BFFs of the night grooving in that bathroom line—shout out to the girlfriend who belted some falsetto “Dancing in September” with me, you’re a peach (whoever you are)!

ANYWAY, I am obviously giddily excited to return to this land on January 21, and not just for any old Fatback– it’s Fatback’s 4th Anniversary Party. If you need any more convincing that this will be the pièce de résistance of January’s nightlife offerings, take a look (/listen) at this BYT post, where Fatback DJs graciously compiled their top 40 tracks from this year’s parties. I’ve posted my favorite from the list below: a soul cover of Free’s “All Right Now,” you don’t get any more quintessential Fatback than that.  See you on the dance floor, kids.