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on deck/weekend roll out: polica at red palace

23 Mar

As you’ve probably noticed, about 50% of my weekend roll outs also function as show previews. Clearly I don’t want to miss the chance to hype whatever cool music I plan to hear over the weekend, and–conveniently–oftentimes the bands I see on Friday nights provide perfect pump-up music.

On tonight’s show agenda: Polica.

Polica is part of the slew of Minnesota-based groups that have infiltrated my regular rotations thanks to significant influence from my Midwestern friends. Polica (and Trampled by Turtles, Atmosphere, etc etc) would probably not be on my radar if it weren’t for said influence.

More so than regional origin, though, Polica has gained a reputation for its heavy reliance on auto tune–a tool once confined to the T.Pains and the Kanyes of the world, but has gained popularity in indie music through the likes of Imogen Heap and Bon Iver. I’m normally a skeptic of auto tune, but it gives Polica’s music an almost hypnotic quality. Combined with an awesome percussion section that always keeps you guessing about where a song will end up, listening to their album beginning to end feels like you’re just getting started.

Get pumped by the track, but cop the whole album. (And I would say come see them with me at Red Palace tonight, but it sold out. Gooouh).

Polica, “Dark Star”