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on my boombox: walk the moon- great band OR greatest band ever?

7 Feb

Walk. The. Moon. Where to begin? This band stormed into my life as a force to be reckoned with back in May 2011. As I prepared for my first trip to Bonnaroo, I sent the lineup to a fellow audiophile friend with my projected show schedule highlighted for each day—Type A fandom at its finest. Said friend replied with some comments, and he ended with “Oh, and you cannot miss Walk the Moon.”

I investigated further and learned that the band was slated to play multiple sets at the festival’s smaller stages. Intrigued, I downloaded the first few tracks from their 2011 album I Want! I Want! …boom, hooked. I quickly spread the word about my new find to my ‘Roo crew, and some of the guys downloaded “Anna Sun” and felt the same love at first listen that I experienced.

Fast forward to Bonnaroo day two, when we rallied our group to catch Walk the Moon’s final set of the weekend. Wow. Just wow. In that 40-person crowd, there was a palpable mutual feeling that we were all seeing something that was going to blow up. But honestly we could barely think about that at the time because we were too busy jumping around like idiots.

See for yourself- action shot: me during Walk the Moon’s set at Bonnaroo. 

Look at that face. Does it not scream “I AM HAVING THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!”? Slash, “Hot damn, I need to shower.

From that point on, I Want! I Want! played on repeat at our campsite during the festival, as well as on my iPod for the next… eight months. Trust me, if a song can get you pumped while you’re melting in Tennesee heat and subsisting on a diet of Doritos and Budweiser, it’s a keeper.

Which brings us to today. After appearing on countless “2011 best of” lists, as well as “bands to watch in 2012” lists (if my own list hadn’t excluded males they would’ve taken spots 1, 2, and 3. Scratch that: 2, 3, and 4. Santigold’s still my #1 girl), the band is poised to cause a real ruckus with their follow up material.

Today, in a shrewd business move, the band released an Anna Sun EP with three singles (one old and two new) ahead of their full-length album due in the spring. Uncoincidentally, today I heard my new favorite song, the absurdly catchy “Next In Line.”  The synth. The pulsing backbeat. The shredding guitar solos. The chorus that just begs for a loud obnoxious sing along and accompanying dance party. Tracks like this make a hit sound effortless. You listen and think, “Why doesn’t every band make songs I like this much? Walk the Moon does it over and over again.”

This will surely comprise about 50 percent of my workout soundtrack for the next several weeks. At which point I still won’t tire of it. I dare you not to be obsessed.

Walk the Moon, “Next in Line.” Listen to I Want! I Want! on Spotify.