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weekend roll out: madeon, “minimix”

29 Jun

Well, it’s been a good week. Healthcare reform ruled constitutional by SCOTUS. I experienced my very first site launch at work (yes, I got to stare at that beautiful design for a very long time back in March). And most importantly, Madeon released a new track.

I became a fan of this French 16-year-old electro prodigy sometime in 2010, when I first heard his excellent remix of Yelle’s “Que Veaux Tu.” He has, as expected, gained steadily in well-deserved popularity since then. This kid packs more ingenuity into each track than many DJs can show in an entire mixtape, and his music is so incredibly accessible- for all people and places. He puts out tracks that are equally as enjoyable from headphones in the office as they are at a club. No matter what the environment, it still sounds great.

I was lucky enough to see the youngin’ spin at UHall back in May (I hope some of you remember that incredibly sweaty night when Uhall must have reached 110 degrees), and his live show more than lives up to his recordings.

This week, Madeon proves once again that we won’t stop hearing his name for quite a long time. With “Minimix,” Madeon takes his mixing style to a whole new level by sampling ~100 songs in a single 5-minute track. Are your forreal, Madeon?!

Rolllll out.

Madeon, “Minimix”


weekend roll out: architecture in helsinki at black cat, anniversary edition

15 Jun

Exactly one year ago today, I paid a little too much money to see a band I didn’t care about that much: a ~$35 Stub Hub ticket to the sold out Architecture in Helsinki show at the Black Cat.

For reasons other than the quality of Architecture in Helsinki’s performance, it was $35 very well spent. Sometimes, factors other than the music lead to you considering a particular show a highlight of your week, month, year, or even life. It might be that you discovered a new venue, made new friends, celebrated a big accomplishment, or just busted out new dance moves- whatever. That’s the magic of live music, isn’t it? It’s never just about the music.

Don’t get me wrong, Architecture in Helsinki put on a great show (if I remember correctly, there was a whole smorgasbord of artists and instruments and accordions on stage), but on that night is was all about the company.

Roll out to a beautiful weekend, friends.

Architecture in Helsinki, “Contact High”

Architecture in Helsinki, “Heart it Races”

weekend roll out: childish gambino, “silk pillow”

8 Jun

Happy happy Friday, friends. No shows on deck this weekend, though I will get to enjoy local art through various other media at Blended tonight. One of my coworkers is involved in the planning, but I’d be going regardless. Here’s a description from Thrillist:

“This Friday, party in a soon-to-be-demolished U Street corridor warehouse that’s been tagged by over 60 DC artists. Whilst rubbing ‘bows with said artists, you’ll enjoy tunes from six local DJs, chow down on food from trucks like El Floridano & Pleasant Pops, and see Urban Artistry performing a little bit of “urban dance culture.”

Street art? Warehouses? DJs? Food trucks? Break dancing? How soon can I get there?

But I digress. As for your weekend roll out tune, let’s turn our attention to Childish Gambino, aka Donal Glover. I’m feeling a little Bonnaroo nostalgic this weekend (for obvious reasons), and when I heard this track I immediately thought back to when I saw Childish perform in Tennessee last summer. When he performed, I was at the height of my “oh my gosh this place is too big and too crowded and too overwhelming and I’ve had too many beers to possibly navigate this situation intelligently” feeling. Yet even from a million rows back, Childish cut through my anxiety and blew me away. He helped me start Bonnaroo off the right way, by learning how to forget feeling crowded and hot and overwhelmed or care about how far back you were, and just get in it. Cheers to him for that.

I’ve been super stoked to see him collaborating with the likes of Beck and Sleigh Bells recently, and I think it’s a great direction for him. A musician with Gambino’s sense of innovation and boundary-stepping truly flourishes when he experiments across genres and mixes it up with the best of the best.

This track also showcases my favorite style of Beck- the chill-strange stream of consciousness rapping from his Mellow Gold days. That plus Gambino’s control of the beat leave us with a track that is fresh to death, and personally leaves me wanting a hell of a lot more.

Roll out.

Childish Gambino featuring Beck, “Silk Pillow”

on deck/weekend roll out: polica at red palace

23 Mar

As you’ve probably noticed, about 50% of my weekend roll outs also function as show previews. Clearly I don’t want to miss the chance to hype whatever cool music I plan to hear over the weekend, and–conveniently–oftentimes the bands I see on Friday nights provide perfect pump-up music.

On tonight’s show agenda: Polica.

Polica is part of the slew of Minnesota-based groups that have infiltrated my regular rotations thanks to significant influence from my Midwestern friends. Polica (and Trampled by Turtles, Atmosphere, etc etc) would probably not be on my radar if it weren’t for said influence.

More so than regional origin, though, Polica has gained a reputation for its heavy reliance on auto tune–a tool once confined to the T.Pains and the Kanyes of the world, but has gained popularity in indie music through the likes of Imogen Heap and Bon Iver. I’m normally a skeptic of auto tune, but it gives Polica’s music an almost hypnotic quality. Combined with an awesome percussion section that always keeps you guessing about where a song will end up, listening to their album beginning to end feels like you’re just getting started.

Get pumped by the track, but cop the whole album. (And I would say come see them with me at Red Palace tonight, but it sold out. Gooouh).

Polica, “Dark Star”

weekend roll out: grouplove, “tongue tied” (gigamesh remix)

2 Mar

So there I was at Napoleon last night, getting Sanitized and having a blast, when a friend turned to me and shouted, “What’s the weekend roll out for tomorrow?”

Whoops. I hadn’t even thought about it. But instead of breaking into a cold sweat and running home to poke around Soundcloud, I decided to canvass the crowd. And why wouldn’t I? My friends have far better taste in music than I do, so I mostly let them do the work for me.

I turned to my Bonnaroo buddy, Jim, and asked for a rec. After a few incomprehensible shouting exchanges, I discerned: “Grouplove! Tongue Tied! Gigamesh!”

Oh what? I was definitely intrigued- I’m a big fan of Grouplove, and I haven’t met many Gigamesh remixes I didn’t like. Sure enough, upon listening this morning, Jim’s recommendation was spot on. Thanks Jim.

Rolllll out.

Grouplove, “Tongue Tied” (Gigamesh Remix)

weekend roll out: beyonce, “end of time” (dirty tees remix)

24 Feb

If you’ve followed the blog even casually, you’ve probably noticed I’m not lying when I call myself an equal opportunity music enthusiast–say the words, “new live Fugazi online archives,” and I come running. Say the words, “Beyonce remix competition going down on Soundcloud,” and I come running with glowsticks in hand.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, a few weeks ago, a bunch of DJs laid the turntable smack down to remix Sasha Fierce herself on Soundcloud. Awesome.

Lucky for me, the bloggers with excellent taste over at The Chicken Donut found the best one: a Dirty Tees remix of “End of Time.” One that makes you appreciate the goddess force behind the original, but with an electro beat tailor-made for the dancefloor. Or, in this case, weekend roll out fist pumping at your desk. Do it.


Beyonce, “End of Time” (Dirty Tees remix)

weekend roll out (remixed)

10 Feb

It is pretty rare that I feel smarter (instead of foggier) on the Friday morning after an All Things Gold live showcase at U Street Music Hall, but the reason is simple: unfortunately, two tickets went down the drain last night, because not even Uhall’s sound system would’ve sounded crisp to my clogged-up head. Trying not to listen to Ghost Beach and Summer Camp today due to FOMO, realized.

But, I didn’t miss the un-missable Listen Local First panel, where I fed my music nerdiness in a big way with yet another crash course in DC music history courtesy of the DC Hip-Hop History Project. Be on the lookout for the podcast and write-up posted on LLF’s blog next week.

On to the topic at hand, though: weekend roll out. I’ve had both of these tracks in mind all week. The originals are two of my favorite songs of the last ~4 months, no doubt: M83’s anthemic “Midnight City,” from their smashing 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and Gotye’s absurdly catchy “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Some tracks lend themselves perfectly to remixing, but sometimes, the best-of-the-best tracks stubbornly resist it- try as the DJs might, especially with Gotye’s song. It’s been remixed to death, but 99% of them don’t begin to do the original justice. And of course, only the Knocks could deliver a sold M83 cover, because they are pros in their own right. To date, these are the only remixes/covers of these tracks that are RWR approved. I’m not opposed to finding more, but right now, this is it.

Originals and remixes, for side-by-side comparison:

M83, “Midnight City”

The Knocks featuring Mandy Lee, “Midnight City (M83 Cover)”

Gotye featuring Kimbra, “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Eavesdrop Drum and Bass Remix, “Somebody That I Used to Know” (speeding up the video to coincide with the doubletime DnB beats? Genius. I wish my body would paint itself in time with beats, that would be ill).