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weekend roll out: andre nickatina, “conversation with a devil”

6 Apr

I openly admit that 90% of my musical knowledge is not due to my own research, but gleaned from culturally aware friends. If I hadn’t been lucky enough (/smart enough) to surround myself with supremely cool (/nerdy) audiophile friends from a young age, I’d be nowhere.

However, if there’s one genre where I’ve learned more from the internet than my friends, it’s rap. In that regard, Datpiff is my best friend. I’ve had a few key contributors to my rap collection over the years, but more often I’m the person pushing rap among my friends, not vice versa.

Luckily, that’s changed a bit recently, as I’ve made friends with a kid who fills some big white space in my rap/hip-hop knowledge: west coast rap. If my overall rap knowledge is average, my west coast awareness is barely mediocre. This kid, however, knows what’s up. Actually, that’s a huge understatement; he pretty much knows everything about rap, but he also has excellent taste. I know that the stuff he hypes will always be strong.

Enter Andre Nickatina, a rapper from said friend’s neck of the woods: northern Cali, specifically the Bay Area. Little did I know that not only has Andre been performing under the name Dre Dog for nearly two decades (he debuted with The New Jim Jones in 1993), but he is also considered a local legend in San Fran. His catalog is crazy extensive and rife with solid gold gangsta rap- straightforward rhyming with some funkified beats where necessary. I’m posting the song that I can’t get out of my head above all others, but there is so, so much good stuff where this came from.

My name is Nicki, but you can call me Dre- what up? Roll out.

Andre Nickatina, “Conversation with a Devil”